Probiome uses science to deliver reliable products caring for microbiome in human gut.
Starting from probiotics used in gastroenterology we formulate innovative and clinically proven products,
ready to be applied in treatment of wide-spread, onerous diseases.



A new class of nutritional probiotic cocktail for diverticulosis patients. Thanks to specially elaborated, low-temperature method of bacteria encapsulation, we achieved long-term survivability and slow-release profile of composition which is crucial for diverticulosis treatment. Full clinical trials combined with microbiome profiling are proving healing impact on every patient, regardless of diet and lifestyle.



Capsules with a portion of a nutritional butyrate for the intestinal epithelium affected by diseases limiting its natural production by healthy microbiota. The innovative granulation formula encapsulates butyrate in a protective microenvelope, ensuring delivery of this invaluable ingredient to the large intestine to stimulate the regeneration of the diseased epithelium.



The preparation in the form of suppositories brings immediate relief from inflammation of the lower colon thanks to the exceptionally high content of butyric ion – an essential nutrient for colonocytes. In the diseased intestines, the balance of the microbiota is disturbed, which does not provide enough butyrate for the intestinal epithelium to function properly. ButiRect effectively supplies butyrate necessary for the regeneration of pathologically changed places.

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